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Patricia started in the financial services industry in 1996 as a new business clerk with Mutual of Omaha, setting appointments for their insurance agents. Realizing that she had the hard part of the job down, and that she really enjoyed meeting and helping new people, she became an insurance agent herself the following year. Patricia founded Cornerstone Financial Services in 2003 in order to better serve her clients with expanded product offerings.


Patricia prides herself in helping all types of people from various economic and social backgrounds. She especially excels at bringing education and insight to individuals that are often under-served, like the Hispanic community. As one of very few Hispanic women agents, and someone who was a single mother when she started in the industry, there’s a special place in Patricia’s heart for helping fellow Hispanic women and empowering them in their finances. She also specializes in working with the labor force of major utility companies and federal employees. Patricia loves seeing the financial peace of mind when clients understand where they stand, where they are headed and how they are going to get there. Every client becomes part of her family, and they are treated as such.

If Patricia’s resume could only contain one sentence, it would read “Mother of five daughters,” which pretty much says it all. Her girls are her greatest personal achievement and also her greatest inspiration, though at times she’s felt like she should have a reality TV show. In addition to the girls, Patricia’s family is rounded out by two cats and six dogs. Her daughters share the same compassion she has that comes with saving lives, which is why seven of their eight animals are rescued. Patricia loves the arts, music, nostalgic romantic movies, theater and tequila, and involves herself in many civic activities.

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Social Security and Disability Consultant

Martin Tomas Olguin is a retired public servant that worked for the Social Security Administration for 27 years.


Prior to retirement, Martin was a Technical Expert in all aspects regarding Retirement, Survivors, Health and Disability insurance benefits (RSHDI).  Assisted clients with the application process and adjudicated the most difficult cases in the office.  Martin also assisted with post entitlement issues regarding changes in benefits, overpayments and Medicare enrollments. 


Martin held several positions within the agency.  He started in an entry level position in Kansas City, KS as a customer service representative.  He also held the following positions:  claims specialist (for both RSHDI and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs), management support specialist, operations supervisor, interactive video training (IVT instructor), area support specialist, public affairs specialist and district manager.


During his employment with social security, Martin received numerous awards to include: supervisory excellence awards, performance awards and exceptional contribution or act awards. 


Martin is a single father of a 17 year old son.  His son Mychal came into his life 17 years ago when Martin adopted him at one day old.   Martin has ten sisters and four brothers.  Martin was born in Brownsville Texas to Josefina Lopez from Ocotlan Jalisco Mexico and Angel Olguin from Tulsa Ranch Texas.


Martin also served in the United States Marine Corps for a total of 10 years active duty.  He was honorably discharged in 1993, the same year he was hired with Social Security.  It was during his time in the military that Martin studied business administration in El Paso, Texas.


Martin enjoys working with stained glass, antiquing and learning new things in technology proving you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Office Manager

Daniella has been with Cornerstone Financial Services for one year where she has grown her knowledge with retirement, life insurance, and etc. She has years of customer service experience and believes that building relationships with clients is the top priority. 


In the time with CFS, she has obtained her Bachelors degree from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi in Business Administration as a Management Information Systems major. She is currently continuing her education at Texas Tech University where she studies Marketing Research and Analytics.


TAMUCC taught her many technical lessons, but most importantly, she learned the compassion she should have to care for all of her clients. She is eager to meet and speak to all of you in the future


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